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As we continue to refine this site and to make it useful to the members of Women and Film History International and to everyone who is interested in knowing more about all the ways women have helped to build film industries worldwide, we need your help to make sure the site works AND to increase the resources we can offer people who want to learn more.

Even if you have already, and often, signed up on WFHI membership lists, please go to the ” Directory, ” click “Join WFHI,” add your information, and let me know if this feature works for you in its present form.

Margo Harkin, a film-maker based in Derry, Northern Ireland, is shown in two photographs in our revolving parade: both images were taken while she was shooting the documentary Bloody Sunday, A Derry Diary (Besom Productions, 2007). When I asked for permission to use these pictures, Margo wrote she was “… glad to be of help.  You are making me part of the record.” If you can, please also add to the Directory of “Film-makers and Distributions” & “Organizations,” and to the “Resources” pages. Let’s keep this record growing.

To find out who the other lovely ladies of film are simply click on her picture. You can also go to “About” and select “Photo Credits.” If you have high resolution images we add to the rotation, please send them to me.



6 Comments to Joining WFHI

  1. Soyoung Kim's Gravatar Soyoung Kim
    8 July 2011 at 16:10 | Permalink

    This is an exciting ,usefu and moving site.Thank you.

    • Leslie Midkiff DeBauche's Gravatar Leslie Midkiff DeBauche
      8 July 2011 at 19:03 | Permalink

      I am so glad that you found us and have registered. Please feel free to send me any announcements or information that you think would benefit people interested in women in film history and I will be happy to post. Please also let others know about our site. All Best, Leslie

  2. Ayako Saito's Gravatar Ayako Saito
    12 July 2011 at 13:39 | Permalink

    This is a great source of information. Unfortunately, in Japan we don’t have many women directors especially in the silent era, but recently we do have many women working in the industry for years and more younger women filmmakers making their films! Just to see the photos is a lot of fun! Thank you!

    • Leslie Midkiff DeBauche's Gravatar Leslie Midkiff DeBauche
      13 July 2011 at 0:30 | Permalink

      Hello, I am so happy that you have found our site. We are also interested in documenting the work women are doing today in film industries and it would be great if you could send images and information about contemporary women making movies in Japan.

  3. Aimee Dixon Anthony's Gravatar Aimee Dixon Anthony
    4 October 2014 at 13:14 | Permalink


    My former professor, Jane Gaines, suggested I join your website; however, I am unsuccessful at finding out how to make that happen via the site. I am eager to be updated on upcoming programs, conferences, and information on women in film history. I was honored to present at the 2010 conference of Women & Silent Screen in 2010 in Bolongna and would love to become more involved in other events, etc. Any help towards registering would be appreciated.


    • 4 December 2014 at 23:13 | Permalink

      Hi Aimee,
      Sorry about the slow response. We’ve been changing the administration of the site, and the roles of Executive Secretary for WFHI. I’m the new Co-Executive Secretary with Michele Leigh.
      For the moment, while we update the website, the two best ways to keep in touch are to join the listserv ( and/or like the Facebook page ( and make sure to receive notifications. You’ll see on the front page of the WFHI website has the recent call for papers, due 5 January 2015.
      Best wishes,


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