Welcome to the Website-Raising Party!

Welcome to Women and Film History International online.
• Enjoy the parade of images of women film-makers and their films.
• Register in the Directory.
• If you can, add to our sub-directories of film-makers & distributors and organizations.
• Please add Resources you think would be useful for members of WFHI and others interested in all the roles women have played in film industries worldwide since the 1890s.

Click, browse, play, think, let me know what works, what could be made more useful or user-friendly, what isn’t at all what you want to see on this site.  You can send your responses to me directly from the home page.  You can also “leave a comment” after this blog.

Again, welcome, roll up your sleeves, and please help to build this site and make it work for us and for everyone interested in women and film history–international.  Have fun!  Ciao!


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